How it all started...

The range of potter’s clays and pottery accessories increases continuously.

 2013Bodmer Ton AG conducts pottery courses at its headquarters in Einsiedeln SZ. To this end, the existing studio is converted into a training venue.Image title 

The clay production process is constantly developed and advanced. Packaging of the clay balls and bags is now semi-automated and involves three industrial robots.
David Auf der Maur, son of Peter Auf der Maur, becomes managing director.

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 2000The range of potter’s clays and pottery accessories increases continuously.

Increasing space requirements prompt Managing Director Peter Auf der Maur, son of Karl Auf der Maur, to build today's clay production facility at the new location in Einsiedeln SZ.

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 1964Brothers Karl and Martin Auf der Maur buy the naming rights from Bodmer Modellierton.
The family Auf der Maur runs the brickworks in Einsiedeln SZ. In addition to brick production, Einsiedler potter’s clay from local clay deposits is produced.
The company Bodmer Ton AG is founded.

After almost 100 years of company tradition, foreign competition forces management to close down the pottery factory Ernst Bodmer & Cie. In Zurich.

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 1953The underperforming pipe and flower pot production is discontinued. Core business is now the production of artificial and utility ceramics.
This change results in the construction of a new company building which consolidates all rooms and workshops within a single building.

 1936After a series of remodeling and building extension works the pottery factory "Ernst Bodmer & Cie" installs an electric kiln by Brown Boveri.
The company is named after the current owner Ernst Bodmer, son of Carl Bodmer.
It now produces high volumes of vases, bowls, flower pots, jars, utensils and artificial ceramics as well as pipes and brickware. As a side business potter’s clay was manufactured and sold

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 1894The old brick kiln is replaced with a modern structure including an extended chimney. The zig-zag system of the kiln allows for a 24-hour burning operation.
The business is now operated by Carl Bodmer jun. under the name "Carl Bodmer c. Cp., Thonwarenfabrik Zürich".

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1877Die Produktion erreicht ihren Höhepunkt. Das Absatzgebiet erstreckt sich bis Mitteldeutschland, und Öfen von Bodmer & Biber wurden bis nach Dresden, Wien, Triest, Neapel, Lyon und Chicago geliefert. Die Zahl der Mitarbeiter ist inzwischen auf 60 angestiegen.Image title
1861The success allows continued expansion of the company. In this process, a new production facility with its own clay pit at Uetligrund in Zurich-Wiedikon is launched. The company is being established by Carl Bodmer
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After the death of Arnold Bodmer the company operates under the name "Bodmer & Biber".

On the occasion of the 1855 World Exhibition in Paris, Bodmer & Biber get permission to exhibit their tiled stoves and are awarded a class II medal.

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1841After the death of Rudolf Bodmer the company is run by his sons, Johann Walter and Arnold Bodmer, and Johann Biber. By now 12 employees work for the company.

After working in Horgen ZH for 18 years, Rudolf Bodmer moves to Riesbach Zürich (now district 8), where he had been making a name for himself as a stove setter.
Neighbor John Biber completes an apprenticeship with Rudolf Bodmer and demonstrates great skill in the production of tiled stoves. Meanwhile there are 6 people working in the company.

1803 32-year-old Rudolf Bodmer from Richterswil ZH opens a pottery production in Horgen ZH. Over the years he specialises in the production of tiled stoves.
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